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Classroom Reservation Q&A

1. When does HokieSpa access open and close?

The room reservation request period for student organizations begins at 12:01am on the sixth day of class each semester, and can be accessed by logging into your HokieSpa account until 48 hours before the first exam.  Be aware that no one can make reservations after the last official day of class each semester.  

Please note if you are attempting to log into HokieSpa outside of the date parameter listed above, you will automatically get an error message as the system is not accessible until the sixth day of class.  Students cannot reserve classrooms for a future term.

2. Who can request HokieSpa access to reserve classrooms for student organizations?

Access to HokieSpa can be requested, for up to five Authorized Contacts listed on the organization Roster in GobblerConnect of student organizations officially registered with Student Engagement and Campus Life.  Authorized Contacts are individuals who are authorized to do business on behalf of your organization; inclusive of classroom reservations. 

Each person must be assigned a unique position tag (Authorized Contact 1, Authorized Contact 2, etc.) on the current roster in GobblerConnect. 

Please note that being listed in GobblerConnect as Primary Contact, or simply listed as an officer of your organization, DOES NOT does not qualify for the same permissions as an Authorized Contact. In addition, Authorized Contacts must be students with full-time status in order to qualify for HokieSpa access.

3. How do I add or remove officers in GobblerConnect as Authorized Contacts?

Please follow these instructions for updating position holders on your GobblerConnect roster.

If you need additional assistance updating your roster, please visit The Source or email

4. Having issues logging onto HokieSpa when reservation requests are permitted?

Once you have added or removed officers as Authorized Contacts, and verified the correct officers are listed on your current roster in GobblerConnect as Authorized Contacts – but yet you are still experiencing issues logging into HokieSpa, please email

Please note the granting of HokieSpa access is a manual, time consuming process, and can take up 3 business days once requested.

5. You are listed as an Authorized Contact and have successfully logged onto HokieSpa – read on to learn how to utilize the Online Room Reservation System.

  1. You can choose the Student Organizations Menu and select Room Schedules to view general assignment classroom schedules and events by term, building and room. 
  2. To reserve a general assignment classroom or auditorium, select Student Organization Room Reservation Request and enter the requested information for either all buildings or one specific building. 
  3. Click on Find Rooms, choose a classroom, enter a reason for the room reservation, and click on Schedule an Event. 
  4. Remember to print your room reservation confirmation, as you WILL NOT receive a confirmation by email.
  5. See "Audio/Visual Services" section below for limitations on equipment use.

If you have any questions concerning this online room reservation system, please contact:

Please note:  Reservations can only be made using this Online Room Reservation System.  Requests cannot be made via email or in-person.

6. I made a HokieSpa classroom reservation but didn't get a confirmation?

If you made your reservation through HokieSpa - it tells you to "Print the last page of your reservation" as that is your confirmation.  You can also view the “Room Schedules” in HokieSpa as the system is not set up to send automatic confirmations.

7. How do I cancel a HokieSpa classroom reservation?

The Registrar's Office has to cancel all unwanted HokieSpa reservations.  Please email and provide the following info: 

  • Building
  • Room
  • Date(s)
  • Time(s)
  • Name of Requestor

8. What timeframes are classrooms/auditoriums reservable?

Organizations are permitted to schedule meetings and other events in academic classrooms and auditoriums after 5:00pm, during the week and from 8:00am to 10:00pm on weekends.

Many academic buildings are locked on weekends and holidays.  Please make your request for weekend reservations, at least 72 hours in advance, so that we have sufficient time to contact Security/Police to open the building. We are unable to guarantee the unlocking of buildings for reservations made less than 72 hours in advance.

9. Audio/Visual Services

Classroom audio visual equipment is for academic use only.  Personal/private use of the equipment is not allowed. This includes any non-academic group or organization, even if you have a room reservation.  You can check your student organization's status by going to Gobbler Connect.  If you still have questions, you may contact Classroom Audio Visual Service at 540-231-5684. 

Access to audiovisual equipment is provided by the university to student organizations affiliated with a department or college. Call Classroom AV services at 540-231-5684 for access if you meet these criteria.

Classrooms in Torgersen, Pamplin and several other buildings currently require Hokie Passport access. Special interest or social organizations should plan to bring their own audiovisual equipment.

10. Food and Drink

No food or drink is allowed in any of the academic classrooms or auditoriums.  If you would like to serve food or drink in an atrium/lobby of the building where you reserved the classroom/auditorium, please contact Event Services at 540-231-5005 or to make a Campus Common Space reservation.

For example:  Reserve a Surge atrium area for serving the food and drink.  Once the food and drink have been consumed, proceed to the reserved classroom for the event presentation. 

11. Security

Some events may require security. Please review the Event Security information from the Virginia Tech Police to determine if your event requires security. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to request security at least 30 days in advance. The sponsoring organization is also responsible for payment for this service. For any questions, or to request security, please contact Sargent Tom Gallemore 540-231-1163 or

12. Other Room Space

Space in the following facilities may be reserved by contacting these offices:

Student Engagement and Campus Life, Event Services: 540-231-5005,, or visit the site.

  • Burruss Hall Auditorium
  • Campus Common Spaces
  • Graduate Life Center Auditorium and Multipurpose Room
  • Johnston Student Center (GBJ)
  • Squires Student Center
  • War Memorial Chapel

Athletic Facilities:  540-231-6265

Recreational Sports:

Residential Hall Lounges:  540-231-6481

Graduate Life Center Meeting Rooms:  540-231-6500 or