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Instructions for Entry of Final Grades



Final Grades are to be reported to the University Registrar within 48 hours after the final exam. (Faculty Handbook, 9.6.8). Grades must be submitted (all campuses) no later than the published deadline. Grade submission deadlines for each term may be found here.

Web Browser:

You should have the most up-to-date web browser to access Faculty Access. For Mac users: Browser incompatibility possible. Please use another browser besides Internet Explorer.

Suggested Browsers:


Entry Instructions

  1. Go to HokieSPA.
  2. Enter your PID and password, and choose Faculty Access. (contact 4-HELP if you need your password reset)
  3. Click on Faculty Grade Sheet Menu, click on "Final Grade Entry Worksheet"
  4. You will be required to enter your employee identification number, NOTE:  SS# will not enable you to access; click submit.
  5. Choose appropriate course from list displayed, click submit CRN.

NOTE: you must be the faculty member of record or have special department access for update of grades. Two entry choices are available: direct entry via the web worksheet or upload of an external grades file.

Direct Entry Via the Web instructions

  1. Tab to the "Grade" Column of the first student on your grade worklist.
  2. Using the pull down arrow, select the appropriate grade choice.
  3. Click on "submit grades" (bottom of each page).
  4. You will receive message at the top of your worklist "Your grades entries were saved successfully" after each click on "submit grades". NOTE: This message appears in top paragraph of displayed page.
  5. You are done! If you need to alter a grade already submitted, you may do so until the deadline for submission of grades; simply return to the work list, alter grade, and click submit again. Following that deadline, you are required to submit grades via a grade change card, with Department Head and Dean approvals.

Upload of an External Grades File

(see Faculty Grade Upload Instructions)

By clicking on "Printable Grade Sheets" you can also print your grade sheets as of the date you entered the grades.

Appropriate Grades and Other Grade Definitions

  • A-F: Students enrolled in "N" grading mode may receive A through F grades. You may choose to award "+" or "-" grades but are not required to do so. NOTE: Virginia Tech does not award A+ grades.
  • NG: Students who appear on your class list but never attended or returned graded work may be assigned an NG (Presidential Policy 92).
    NOTE: if you fail to submit your grades by the submission deadline, grades of NR (not reported) are assigned to each student. Submission of grades after the deadline are required via grade change cards (see your department for instructions).
    Important Note: Federal Regulations require that Virginia Tech report any financial aid recipients whose total credits reflect all "F", "I", "NG" or "NR" grades. The reporting regulation is intended to assure that federal funds are used for earning of academic credit.
  • I: Students, with the approval of the instructor, may be assigned incomplete grades (I). See Faculty Handbook, Section 9.5 for more information. Equivalent credit courses (Research and Thesis, Project and Report and Research and Dissertation) are not  eligible to receive "I" grades.
  • X: Students enrolled in courses with departmentally approved extended time periods ("X Grade approved") may be assigned X grades. X grades do not compute in the GPA.
  • AUD: Students enrolled in courses with an AUDIT option should be assigned "AUD" as the grade. NOTE: Graduate Level ONLY--unsatisfactory audit should be left blank in grade column. An e-mail should be forwarded to the Graduate School requesting deletion of the course from the student's record.
  • EQ: Students enrolled in equivalent credit courses (5994, 7994, 5904) will appear with grading mode of "E" and should be assigned "EQ" as the recorded grade. Absence of the EQ grade will result in a NR grade assigned.

Independent Studies, Dissertation, Thesis, Project and Report (Generic Courses)

Grades for courses that do not have unique course reference numbers (CRNs) such as independent studies, dissertation, thesis, project and report must be reported to your department. A printed roll will be available to you from the departmental representative to assign the grade(s) for the student(s) you are supervising; the departmental representative will enter the assigned grades.

Changes to Submitted Grades

You may alter submitted grades until the published grade submission deadline. After that date, changes must be submitted via a grade change card and requires Department Head and Dean approvals.

Registration Problems

Students attending your class but not on your grade worklist at the time of the submission of your grades should be directed to their academic dean. You may submit a grade via the grade change card to your department representative. Note: All grade change approvals must be obtained and submission of the grade change card does not assume approval of the late add for the student. Grades may not be entered until the student has been registered for the course.

Posting of Final Grades

Students should be directed to HOKIE SPA for viewing of their final grades. Final grades are available for viewing within 48 hours after the submission deadline. Faculty may not post grades in a grade-listing format using any portion of the student identification number or name.

For options on posting grades, visit: ; click on Faculty & Staff (left and column); under "Maintaining Student Privacy," click on "Posting of Grades."

Instructions - Faculty Grade Upload Option

The faculty grade upload option is available in Faculty Access from the Final Grade Worksheet.

This function requires a comma delimited file to exist on your PC/Mac containing the student id in the first column and the grade in the second column (additional columns will be ignored). **

It is recommended that the file name include the class CRN so that the correct grades will be uploaded for that class.

After the file is complete and the grades are ready for upload, use the following steps to complete the process:

In Faculty Access, when you select Final Grades, be sure to select the correct term and CRN for the file that you wish to upload. It should be displayed at the top of the Final Grade web page.

On the Final Grade Web page, click on the browse button near the top of the page and find the file on your PC/Mac that you wish to upload. Click twice on the file and the file name will be brought into the file name box on the screen.

Click on Upload Grades File. The program will then verify that the grades in your file are valid and match them up to the students using the ids. If there are any errors, a page will be displayed showing the type of error and the student's id. You will be prompted to either continue uploading or to browse for another file.

The next page will display the students' id and name with the grades that you have submitted for upload.


  • Blanks in the grade column indicate that there was no grade uploaded for this student.
  • If all the grades are blank, then you are probably trying to upload a file for a different CRN.
  • You should review the page and then click on Submit Grades to save the grades to the database (the grades will be in Banner as soon as you save them).
  • Please make sure that the number of students listed on the web page matches the number of students in your uploaded file.
  • Student ids that are in your file but are not in the database will not be graded.
  • Please notify the University Registrar's Office if you have a student who does not show up in the web summary class roster or web final grade worksheet.


Updates to the uploaded grades can be done on the web page or another upload can be performed which will overwrite the previously uploaded grades until the grade submission deadline for that term.

**NOTE: If you are using Excel, be aware that if your id column is of the default type it will be a number which will truncate leading zeros. You may need to create a mask of 000000000 for this column so that leading zeros on an id number will not be truncated. The upload will not be able to match the student ids if the Banner system has the student id as having a zero in the first position and your file does not. If you are using Excel on a Mac, you will need to save the file as CSV(WINDOWS) type.