Contact Information

Student Services Building
The Student Services Building as observed from Washington Street.

For general inquiries, please use the main number, 540-231-6252.  Due to the confidentiality of student records it may be more appropriate to email from your email account, with your name and PID (generally your VT email address) stating your request, as some information may not be released over the phone. For more information on what records are confidential and how student privacy is handled, please reference Student Privacy/FERPA.

Office of the University Registrar 540-231-6252
University Registrar 540-231-7951
Assistant to the University Registrar 540-231-7951
Academic Records Emily Dean, Academic Records Coordinator
540-231-9583 540-231-6252
  • Academic Transcript Information 540-231-6252
  • Residency (In-state/out-of-state) 540-231-6252
Degree Management and Compliance Clyde Y. Cridlin, Associate Registrar 540-231-5612
  • Degree Analysis (Undergraduate) 540-231-5187 540-231-6252 540-231-5612
Scheduling and Governance Gary Costello, Senior Associate Registrar 540-231-6888
  • Classroom Scheduling 540-231-6888
  • Governance 540-231-7985