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Academic Records & Diplomas

Academic Records at Virginia Tech are defined as any portion of an individual's educational history maintained by the University for the purpose of sharing between academic officials and supporting the academic degree progress of the student. Typical examples are academic files maintained in a department or university administrative office in any medium (print, electronic, etc.) that contains information directly related to the academic educational efforts of the student. Academic records do not include law enforcement records, medical records (vis-à-vis doctor patient privilege), alumni records, or human resource records.

Update Personal/Demographic Information

  • Complete a Personal Information Update Request form and provide copies of the required legal documentation in support of the demographic update to the Office of the University Registrar.

Request Student ID Number and/or PID

Create a PID This tool is for creating your PID and is not a recovery tool for users with an existing PID.

Request your PID or Student ID Number

You may also request your student ID number and/or PID by emailing with the following information.

  • your full legal name and any names while at Virginia Tech
  • date of birth
  • your approximate terms of attendance at Virginia Tech 
  • your major 
  • any degrees that were awarded 
  • and the reason for your request (i.e. PID generation, transcript requests, etc.)

Physical Location

  • To meet state authorization requirements, every student must annually provide an up-to-date local address. Virginia Tech defines local address as where you are physically located when enrolled in school and taking courses. This address may be different than your billing and permanent address. A student will be prohibited from registration until this requirement, among others, is met. However, should a student’s local address and physical location change for any reason (internship, co-op, study abroad, etc.) it is a student’s responsibility to promptly update their record in Hokie SPA. A student’s failure to keep their address updated does not absolve the student of responsibility for matters that require notification by the university.