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Fall 2020 Course Modalities

In order to provide a principles-based approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the formats that courses will be offered in have been adjusted for fall 2020.  While the details of the course modality might look differently depending on the specific subject/course type, courses have been placed into one of the four following categories:

  • Face-to-Face - course will be offered in the traditional in-person format and all course meetings will be held in the assigned classroom.
  • Hybrid (F2F & Online Instruction) - course will be offered in both an in-person and online format.  There are a lot of variety in hybrid course offerings and details about how a specific course section will be offered will be available in course comments and/or on the course syllabus.
  • Online with Synchronous Meetings - course will be offered online and will have course meetings at the assigned day/time as reflected on your schedule.
  • Online: Asynchronous - Course will be offered online and will not have set meeting day/times.

Student Schedule

A new course schedule has been developed so you can quickly and easily determine the modality of your courses. To access your schedule, just navigate to Hokie Spa and in the Hokie Spa menu you'll find the "Classic Student Schedule" link.  See below for a screenshot of this schedule. 

  •  This schedule lists the modality of how each course  registered for will be delivered.
  • Please click on each CRN number to view specific comments related to modality or other aspects of the course.
  • If the modality and comments are both blank, please follow up with the department or faculty member to determine how the course will be delivered.
  • Be sure to recheck your schedule immediately before the first day of class as course locations are subject to change.

Sample view of Student Schedule

Sample view of Student Schedule
Sample view of Student Schedule