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Reclassification for In-State Tuition

Students may seek reclassification of their initial tuition classification, but residence or physical presence in Virginia primarily to attend the University does not entitle students to in-state tuition rates. Domicile should be established BEFORE one enters the University. Please note that if a student enters the University classified as an out-of-state student, s/he must present clear and convincing evidence to rebut the presumption that s/he is residing in the state primarily to attend school. Students seeking reclassification to in-state status must be prepared to pay the out-of-state tuition rate unless they are notified in writing that his/her status has been reclassified to in-state according to the Code of Virginia.

An Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates must be completed and supporting documentation attached to be considered for reclassification for in-state tuition. A final decision cannot be made until all requested documentation and a complete Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates has been received in the Office of the University Registrar. An appointment or interview is not required to determine your domiciliary status for reclassification cases; however, you may be contacted by the Domicile Coordinator to clarify information and/or provide additional information. If you have questions about the application, laws, or process and want to meet with a staff member, you should call the number listed at the top of this sheet to schedule an appointment. Please allow a minimum of 30 working days after your application is complete for processing.

Pursuant to Virginia law and University policy, an applicant has the right to appeal if denied in-state privileges. Appeals should be made in writing to the Committee on Virginia Domicile no more than 30 business days from the date of the denial. The Committee consists of an odd number of members, and no person who serves at one level of the appeals process shall serve at any other level of review. If the applicant’s notification of intent to appeal is not timely, an appeal will not be reviewed by the Committee. A written decision is provided to the applicant by certified mail within 30 business days of receipt of the request for appeal. If the Committee affirms the denial of eligibility, the applicant has a right to appeal to the Montgomery County Circuit Court within 30 days after receiving the decision. 

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