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Enrolling at Virginia Tech is an exciting time, but can also come with many questions. We want to empower students and their families by providing a solid foundation of information to facilitate constructive conversations when changes to enrollment may be needed.

Academic Relief

The process of receiving administrative approval to have any number of courses removed due to extenuating circumstances that impacted a student's ability to be academically successful. See "Academic Relief" section of this page for more information.

Course Drop

A student may decide and/or need to drop a single or multiple courses before or during the semester. These courses will not appear on an academic transcript. Students can drop a course(s) within Hokie Spa, but any drops must occur by the course drop deadline.

Course Withdrawal / "W" Grade

In the event a student wishes to drop a single course after the last day to drop (see academic calendar), a student can elect to utilize a course withdrawal. This is also often referred to as a "W" (undergradute) or "WG" (graduate) grade. Undergraduate students are allowed up to 3 "W" grades during their time at Virginia Tech. The course that a student has elected to utilize a "W" grade in will appear on the transcript with a grade of "W". Please consult with your academic dean's office on the process to utilize a "W" grade.

Deans List

Undergraduate students who attempt at least 12 credit hours graded as A-F option and who earn a 3.4 GPA for either Fall or Spring will be included on the dean's list. Notifications (if any) of inclusion are issued via the undergraduate academic dean's office.

Leave of Absence

The formal university process for requesting an approved break in enrollment. An approved break in enrollment will retain the student's graduation requirements for the duration of the approved leave. Undergraduate and Associate level students who do not return at the end of the approved leave period, or earlier, will have their catalog of entry updated to the academic term of re-entry. See "Leave of Absence" section of this page for more information.

Midterm Grades

Undergraduate students whose first term enrolled at Virginia Tech is Fall Term will be "assigned midterm"satisfactory or "unsatisfactory." Satisfactory is received for work earning a "C" or better. The midterm grade is not part of the student's academic progress, rather it is intended to be an early indicator of academic progress. Students are urged to visit with their instructors and advisors to discuss any unsatisfactory results.

Minimum & Maximum Enrollment Hours

The maximum number of credit hours a student may enroll in during a semester is determined by whether they are an undergraduate or graduate student. Defined maximums, outlined below, are enforced by Virginia Tech registration systems. Exceeding these maximums requires the academic dean's permission (graduate dean for graduate students).

  • Undergraduate level students may enroll in 19 credit hours in a Fall/Spring term.
  • Graduate level students may enroll in 18 credit hours in a Fall/Spring term.
  • Summer and winter maximums are 18 and 6 respectively for all students.

Residency Reclassification / Virginia Domicile

Residency classification for tuition and fee purposes is determined at the time of admittance to Virginia Tech. Students may apply for re-evaluation of their initial classification if they have a well-documented case for a change to their domicile. Physical presence in Virginia primarily to attend the university does not entitle students to in-state tuition rates. More information on reclassification may be found here.


A student's request to cancel all enrollment for a specific semester after the first day of classes. "Student Resigned" will appear on the student's transcript, but no courses for the applicable term will appear.


A student's request to cancel all enrollment for a specific semester up to and including the first day of classes. No notation will appear on the student's transcript and all courses for the applicable term will be removed.

125% Rule for In-State Tuition

Students may not exceed attempted hours that total 125% of the minimum credit hours needed for a specific degree program and retain in-state tuition eligibility. Students exceeding 125% will be assessed a surcharge for each semester of continued enrollment after exceeding the credit hour threshold. Detailed information may be found here.

Undergraduate, Professional & Associate Students

Fall/Summer/Spring Terms
Credit Hours Enrolled Enrollment Status
12 or more Full-Time
9 to 11 3/4 Time
6 to 8 Half-Time
1 to 5 Less than Half-Time
0 Not Enrolled


Winter Term
Credit Hours Enrolled Enrollment Status
5 or more Full-Time
3/4 Time
1 to 2 Less than Half-Time
0 Not Enrolled


Graduate Students

Fall/Summer/Spring Terms
Credit Hours Enrolled Enrollment Status
9 or more Full-Time
6 to 8 3/4 Time
5 Half-Time
1 to 4 <HT
0 Not Enrolled


Winter Term
Credit Hours Enrolled Enrollment Status
3 or more Full-Time
1 Less than Half-Time
0 Not Enrolled


* Undergraduate enrollment in a Virginia Tech Co-Op is equivalent to full-time enrollment. Graduate level enrollment in a Virginia Tech Co-Op is equivalent to either full-time or half-time enrollment and is defined based on the Co-Op on the student's record.

* Audit hours will not be used in establishing minimum full-time enrollment. Neither the payment of full fees nor compliance with maximums established as a condition of employment or appointment is basis for deviation from the definition above.

Students who register for courses are responsible for all fees incurred unless formal university withdrawal or resignation procedures are followed. Students are charged for each day enrolled. Therefore, it is important to follow university policies regarding discontinuation of enrollment. Processed requests will remove all courses from a student's record for the applicable semester the request is submitted. All students, regardless of level, must complete a Withdrawal/Resignation form to drop their last course. If you only want to drop a single course, you may do so in Hokie Spa up until the drop deadline. If the drop deadline has passed, please consult with your academic dean's office.

To withdraw/resign from a current or future semester, students must complete the Withdrawal/Resignation Form. When completing the online request form ensure you answer all questions completely and accurately to avoid processing delays. Once your request has been submitted it will be routed to the appropriate offices for any needed signatures. Once approved it will be electronically sent to the Office of the University Registrar for processing.

Withdrawals submitted through the first day of classes will receive a full refund minus any administrative processing fees. Students wishing to drop all classes after the first day of the semester will be charged a prorated amount based on the effective date of the resignation. The effective date of your withdrawal/resignation is based on the actual date the resignation is received. If you do not plan on attending a future term that you are enrolled in, ensure your request is submitted prior to the first day of that semester. If extenuating circumstances exist, include that information when submitting your request. For additional information concerning the pro-rating or refund of tution charges, please visit the University Bursar.

Processing Timeframe: Please allow up to 5 business days for your request to be processed if submitted around the start of a semester. Only one submission is necessary and multiple submissions may slow processing time for your request.

Students who are called to active military duty should bring a copy of activation orders to their academic dean. Students are encouraged to communicate with their advisors, instructors and dean to discuss options, such as taking "incompletes", completing the course on-line, or withdrawing from the term.

Military Resignations/Withdrawals:

  • Students who are called to active military duty should bring a copy of activation orders to their academic dean. Students are encouraged to communicate with their advisors, instructors and dean to discuss options, such as taking "incompletes", rescheduling of remaining work if their orders are received near the end of the term, completing the course on-line, or withdrawing from the term.
  • If students request a withdrawal from the university, permission is granted without punitive action as well as granting full refund of tuition and fees. This full refund is requested regardless of the date of the action of withdrawal.  The activation orders should be attached to the withdrawal form.  If orders are unobtainable (in some emergency call-ups, this is possible), the University Registrar will telephone the company commander for verbal confirmation.  Further, the University Registrar will serve as facilitator of this process for any advisor, instructor, or dean seeking verification of the students' military status.
  • Students with Federal financial aid are reminded that a full refund of tuition will result in an immediate requirement to commence repayment of aid. Students with Federal financial aid should discuss options prior to withdrawing with their academic dean and Financial Aid counselor.
  • In addition, residence hall students must obtain a signature from Residential and Dining Programs before the resignation/withdrawal may be processed.
  • Cadets must also obtain the Commandant's signature before the resignation/withdrawal may be processed.
  • Reinstatement:  All students leaving under the military withdrawal policy are entitled to reinstatement into the same program of study.  Students are directed to seek advising from their advisors or academic deans.  If absent more than five years, certain majors may require re-taking of specific major courses.
  • Defer Initial Enrollment: Students called up for active duty may defer initial enrollment (in the same major) if:
    • the student returns to Virginia Tech after a cumulative absence of not more than five years, and
    • the student provides notice of intent to return to Virginia Tech not later than three years after completion of the period of service.

Undergraduate students who faced extenuating circumstances that compromised their ability to fulfill academic responsibilities, such as attending classes or completing coursework, for an extended period within a semester, may seek academic relief. This process only applies to undergraduate students and graduate students will be directed to the Graduate School. Academic relief typically entails a complete withdrawal from all courses in a previous semester, with these courses being indicated on the transcript as "WP" (Withdrawal, exception).

Approval of an academic relief request will not result in removal of courses from a student's record or financial adjustments. A student facing extenuating circumstances in a current semester should complete a resignation request for which any applicable refunds and transcript notation(s) will apply. Broadly, a student may be eligible for academic relief with a recommendation from an appropriate campus student support entity, such as the Dean of Students Office, Cook Counseling Center, Schiffert Health Center, Services for Students with Disabilities, and the Office for Equity and Accessibility, to support the student’s need for relief.  

Important Information

  • Academic relief may be approved with conditions and/or require meeting with your academic dean. Any conditions must be met for your relief to be processed.

A student may experience a situation that impacts their ability to maintain continuous enrollment (health, family obligations/emergency, military service, financial hardship, academic reasons, or any other personal reason). Procedures for requesting a leave of absence are outlined below based on a student's academic level.

Undergraduate and Associate

Undergraduate and associate level students may request up to two leave of absence periods for a length not exceeding 1 year during each period. To request a leave of absence a student must be eligible to enroll in the term leave is being requested. A leave of absence request will grant a student one year of time away from Virginia Tech while maintaining their catalog year outlining their program curriculum. Following an enrollment gap of two primary (Fall/Spring) terms, a student's catalog year will be updated based on their term of re-enrollment. A student on a leave of absence will not have access to any student facilities or resources not available to the general public. At any point, when a student is ready to return to Virginia Tech during or after their leave of absence, they will complete the return to Virginia Tech request form.

*International students on a VISA cannot use the Leave of Absence form and instead must contact Cranwell International Center to discuss their options in stepping away from their academic studies.

*Students participating in any study abroad program should register their plans with the Global Education Office and should not complete a leave of absence request.


Please consult the Graduate School website and/or catalog for current requirements and access to the applicable form.

We are happy to see you are interested in returning to Virginia Tech! Any undergraduate or associate level student unable to register due to registration inactivity will need to complete a short (up to 3 questions) request form. Registration inactivity is when a student does not enroll in two consecutive primary terms (Fall/Spring) and also does not have future registration beyond that point. This process assists Virginia Tech in providing a successful return to campus plan for you, by notifying your academic advisor of your return and providing you with information on useful resources.  

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Susan Sumner, Associate Dean
1060 Litton Reaves Hall (0334)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

College of Architecture, Arts, and Design

Kathryn Clarke Albright, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs  and Professor of Architecture
202 Cowgill Hall (0205)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Pamplin College of Business

Michelle Seref, Assistant Dean
1030 Pamplin Hall (0209)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

College of Engineering

Keith Thompson, Associate Dean
3008 Torgersen Hall (0217)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

Monica Kimbrell, Associate Dean
200 Stanger Street (0426)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

College of Natural Resources and Environment

Keith W. Goyne, Associate Dean
324 Cheatham Hall (0324)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

College of Science

Michel Pleimling, Associate Dean
North End Center, Suite 4300 (0405)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

University Studies

Dr. Kimberly Smith, Associate Vice Provost
220 Gilbert Place, Suite 2001 (0155)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

Laura Hungerford, Department Head
205 Duck Pond Drive (0442)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Deans of the Graduate School

Kevin Edgar, Associate Dean
Bill Huckle, Associate Dean
Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown (0325)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

Lee Learman, Dean
2 Riverside Circle
Roanoke, VA 24016